International exhibition Fear of the Uknown in Prague International exhibition Fear of the Uknown in Prague

SIMI is partner of the international exhibition Fear of the Uknown, which open dialogue regarding refugees, asylum and migration.
The exhibition will be displyaed in February and March in the Gallery NTK in Prague. The exhibition opening will take place on Wednesday 1 Feb 2017 at 6pm. Entry is for free.
SIMI´s side event will take place on Thursday 9 March 2017. Follow our website for further information.


Crossing borders na školách Crossing borders na školách

On Wednesday the 25th of January will be the legal department of SIMI closed for the whole day. On Thursday the 26th of January and on the 1st of February will be opened only untill 12am. Thank you for your understanding.

PF SIMI 2017 PF SIMI 2017

In 2017 let´s focus on what unites us.




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