International Couples Club International Couples Club

Are you in an international relationship?

Come to have talk with similar couples!

What to expect:

  • Share opinions, feelings and experience of intercultural partners’ life
  • Get inspiration for your daily life
  • Meet new people and make new connections
  • Enjoy informal ambience
  • Attend with or without your partner
  • Discussion is held in English


Instructional course for female migrants Instructional course for female migrants

Are you a migrant woman working as a domestic worker?

Are you considering working in the Czech households and would you like to obtain useful information?

SIMI offers a workshop where you can learn:

  • how to find a job
  • your rights and duties at work
  • how to start a business in the Czech Republic /we will provide essential information on how to obtain the business licence, how to issue invoices etc./
  • we will answer your questions concerning the Immigration and Labour Laws (working permits, contracts etc.)


SIMI encourages foreigners in active citizenship in their locations SIMI encourages foreigners in active citizenship in their locations

A considerable part of migrants living in the Czech Republic is moving and fulfilling themselves in their working environment and in the family or close friends circle. Their lives are missing an important dimension of active participation in social, cultural, economical and political events. Some of them have difficulties with orientation in public spaces. They are not able to express themselves appropriately and consciously. Others are not motivated or they miss the awareness of principles of the function of civil society. The new project INTEGRO Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI) endeavours to change this situation. Full integration of foreigners does not end at the door of their homes or workplaces.




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