Citizens from the non-EU countries (non-members of the European Union) are denoted as “foreigners from the third countries”. In this group are involved persons who do not have the citizenship of the EU countries, Island, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland. In the same way, the foreigners whose relatives are citizens of the European Union are not involved as well. The stay of foreigners being relative to the citizens of the EU is guided by special rules.

It has to be distinguished whether the foreigners from the third countries are obligated to have the visa upon arrival to the Czech Republic or not.

The citizens of the countries having the visa obligation in the case of the stay less than 90 days have to have the short-term visa (the type “Visa C”).

The citizens of the countries which do not have the visa obligation can stay in the Czech Republic up to 90 days without the visa. Nevertheless, during the stay they cannot perform gainful activity (to work or to carry business). In the case of these citizens separate visa-free stays and short-term visa stays are sum up together and the time spent in the Czech Republic cannot exceed 90 days throughout the previous 180 days.

All foreigners from the third countries have the obligation to notify the stay in the territory of the Czech Republic within 3 working days from the entry. The notification has to be made in the Foreign Police Department at the place of the stay. If the foreigner comes to pick-up the long-term or permanent permission for stay, (s)he is obligated to report the arrival at the office of the Ministry of the Interior. This is not compulsory for the foreigners younger than 15 years.


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