Entrepreneurship is a legitimate job option for a migrant, given the current labor market situation.

If you want to conduct business in the Czech Republic, you must fulfill your authorized purpose of stay. Everyone conducting business on a self-employed basis in the Czech Republic has to pay taxes, along with social and health care insurance. If you fail to fulfill these requirments, your will not be able to renew your residence permit. If you are planning to start a business, if you need to help with your business plan or want advice on all the necessary tasks in starting a business, please feel free to visit our AIM social workers or contact us via email or phone.

Starting your business – the process description can be found here and here.

Trade license office can help you with starting your business, general information and legal requirements can be found here.

Basic information for new entrepreneurs can be found in the presentation on our website,  from our seminars for migrants searching for jobs or starting a business.


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