Round table discussion: "Field social work with migrants"

On April 24th 2018 was held round table discussion "Field social work with migrants" at the Center for Social and Economic Strategies at the Faculty of Social Science of Charles University (CESES).

The field social work is a specific method of social work that is carried out in the natural environment of migrants. Its specific nature represents a challenge for field workers in terms of establishing contact with the target group, providing assistance or overcoming language and cultural barriers. The advantage of field social work is that it enables to work with marginalized clients who despite their needs are not able to benefit from the majority of social services. However, the scope and importance of the field social work have been underestimated in the Czech Republic. Although in recent years the number of field social workers has slightly increased, the information about this profession remains fragmented. Consequently, the aim of the round table was to discuss key competences and challenges of field social work, to identify the needs of field social workers and to unify the fragmented knowledge about the profession. Another priority was to share good practice and find innovative solutions to identified issues related to the performance of field social work.

Photos from the round table 24.04.2018