We Have Organized an Online Debate with Migrants and Roma Women

The Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI), the Czech Women's Lobby (ČŽL) and the Roma Women's Group Manushe (Word 21) have joined forces to point out women who are not visible or heard in society. These institutions organized a joint debate, which allowed such women to talk about their problems in an emergency in the Czech Republic and to point out some of the problems that minority women in the Czech Republic face.

Each of them came up with a different story, each went through different challenges, regarding health, work, family or personal issues. However, they all combined a determination to overcome the pandemic crisis with a positive attitude and, if possible, they helped other people around them.

During the pandemic, many migrant women and Roma women dealt with the same problems as Czech women, such as teaching their children at a distance, working from home, worrying about the household and much more. However, these women had to overcome various barriers that made these day-to-day responsibilities difficult. How did they handle this situation? Was quarantine a stress test or a benefit for them? And what unites these women?

Take a look at the recording of the debate moderated by Goranka Oljača from Czech Radio. Record of the debate available here:

We want to thank all 6 participants for sharing their experiences and we believe that the strength of their voice will continue to grow.

Also read the article prepared by Rena Horvátová from the Roma group “Manushe” about how Romani women experienced quarantine in excluded localities. You can find the article here.

The debate was organized as part of a project called Invisible power, which is funded by the EVZ Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future".