Picnic on Kotlaska

On Wednesday, August 12, 2020, our organization SIMI, together with ČŽL, the Women's Roma Group “Manushe” and similar group Slovo 21, organized a picnic in the community center of Kotlaska. Around thirty women of various origins, religions and ages gathered in this event. However, we all had the same goal - to get to know each other and enjoy the evening together. Throughout the picnic we were accompanied by beautiful weather, great food, and fun activities. Nevertheless, the whole event had a deeper goal than just this.

A picnic together created a safe space for women to get to know other people in the community. The event made it possible to tell and hear stories of women, share experiences, and thus better understand life situations of each other.

See also the photo gallery from the common picnic.

The event was organized as part of a project called Invisible power, which is funded by the EVZ Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future".