Will the Czech Republic help the Afghan interpreters? #savetheinterpreters

An initiative #zachrantetlumocniky (“#savetheinterpreters” in English) draws attention to the slow and insufficient progress of the Czech government in launching a transparent relocation program for interpreters and other colleagues of the Czech Army in Afghanistan.

On July 30th the Czech government approved aid for Afghan interpreters, however, following up this promise with an action has been a challenge. According to our initiative’s information, named interpreters have received either no information at all or have received a negative response.

Media sources suggest that only those who have worked with the Army of the Czech Republic recently will be eligible for the current allocation of aid. According to the government, this aid will mostly be in the form of financial support, which is absolutely inadequate, given the current situation.

Unlike other NATO countries, steps taken by the Czech government so far lack transparency and are already overdue. It is therefore necessary for steps to be taken as soon as possible to ensure help arrives. There is no time to waste.

You can read more in our recent press release for the initiative Save the interpreters.

More about our previous ask can be found here.

You can also sign our open letter to the government in the form of a petition here. We will be thankful if you leave an additional note, which will show that the Czech public is not indifferent to governments’ actions.


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