Webinar: Women in migration - Identification and communication with victims of violence among refugee women

On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, SIMI and the Hlavák Initiative are opening a webinar intended for volunteers to help Ukrainian refugees, as well as for those interested in assisting Ukraine as coordinators in local governments or other helping professions.

Come learn more about the topics:

1. Victim identification and basic communication with the victim (lecturer Jaroslava Chaloupková, director of the ACORUS organization)

2. Legal specifics of domestic violence with a migration element (lecturer Klára Holíková, head of the SIMI legal department)

3. Intercultural insights into the topic - perceptions and experiences of victims of violence among migrants, differences in receiving help (lecturer Anna Darašenka, head of the Inbáze community center with extensive experience in intercultural and social work)

4. Moderation of the event and Practical tools for helping professions (lecturer Eva Valentová, SIMI program director)

Invitation and complete program: here

Location: ZOOM - we will send the link to registered users

Registration and technical support: Tereza Brunerová, SIMI, brunerova@migrace.com


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