How to Register as a Job Seeker at the Labor Office

Documents Required for Registration:

  • Valid passport or ID card
  • Residence permit in the Czech Republic – EU citizens need to provide proof of actual residence, such as a rental contract, if they do not have temporary or permanent residency.
  • Rental contract
  • Pension insurance record
  • Employment certificate – work history record
  • Employer’s certificate for unemployment benefit eligibility assessment (employment relationship)
  • CV and other documents related to your education and work history (optional)

Registration Process:

  1. Visit the local branch of the Labor Office. Find your branch here: Labor Offices in Prague
  2. Submit all required documents and pre-filled forms.

Follow-up Appointments:

  • After registration, you will be regularly invited to appointments to monitor your job search progress and discuss further employment support steps.
  • These appointments are usually held monthly but can be adjusted according to your situation.
  • You can request a retraining course, such as a Czech language course.
  • If you have public health insurance, it will be paid for you while you are registered with the Labor Office.
  • While registered with the Labor Office, you are not allowed to have a work agreement (DPP). All changes must be reported to the Labor Office.

Interpreter Availability:

  • If you do not speak Czech, we recommend contacting an intercultural worker or interpreter to accompany you to the Labor Office.

Important Links and Contacts:

Remember, as a migrant in the Czech Republic, you are entitled to the same unemployment benefits as Czech citizens. If you have worked for at least one year in the past two years, you are eligible for unemployment benefits, calculated based on your last year of work. The benefit amount depends on the reason for termination, and the duration of financial support depends on your age. For more information, read here. Don’t hesitate to ask your social worker for help, or you can inquire directly at the Labor Office.