PETITION Calling for the Ratification of the Migrant Workers Convention !

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On the occasion
of the 20th anniversary year of the UN Migrant Workers Convention,
December18, the International Resource Centre on the Human Rights of
Migrants, together with the European Platform for Migrant Workers Rights,
launches the campaign: “Europe it’s Time to Ratify the Migrant Workers
Convention,” demanding the European Union to live up to its core values,
all 27 Member States of the EU are asked to ratify this core international
human rights instrument.

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The campaign is launched on June 18, six months before the official
anniversary of the Convention on the18th of December, which is also known as International Migrants Day. Over the coming six months the campaign aims to gather as many signatories as possible, both from within the European Union and from across the world.

The Migrant Workers Convention is one of the nine core United Nations human rights instruments. It has now been ratified by 42 states and a further 16 have signed up and are in the process of ratification.

Yet, to date, no EU Member State has signed or ratified the Convention. Non-ratification brings the core values of the EU into question. The Member States of the European Union can no longer fall behind but must demonstrate in concrete terms their willingness to be held accountable for migrants as they have done for decades in relation to international treaties protecting other vulnerable groups, such as women and children.

The Member States of the European Union must ensure that the fundamental rights of migrant workers and their family members are guaranteed. We call on the 27 EU Member States to ratify this international Convention.

A wide range of NGOs and faith-based organisations are already supporting the launch of this petition, including Amnesty International and the Churches Commission on Migrants in Europe.

In his message of support* Thomas Hammarberg*, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe says: “I find it worrying that democratic countries governed by the rule of law, with significant numbers of migrants living in their societies, are hesitant to become a party to this core UN human rights treaty, and commit themselves to guaranteeing migrant workers fundamental rights.”

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