A BETTER LIFE – Documentary film about migrant workers in the Czech Republic

The Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI), collaborating with director Jan Látal and produced by DW Agency, created a documentary film about the lives of migrant workers in the Czech Republic.

The PREMIERE of the film took place on Dec. 17the 2012 at 20.30 (8.30 p.m.) at Svetozor cinema, Prague 1. Photogalery from the venue is available below.

There were also two other screenings in the beginning of the year 2013. In the community centre Salé in Žižkov (Prague 3), Cross Club in Holešovice (Prague 7), in Klubovna Prague 6 or in the  Multicultural centre SAVEC, Prague 1.

The documentary movie you can also watch ONLINE or pick up a copy in the office of AIM.

About the film

The film tells the stories of four migrants from Ukraine, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan and Moldavia, who chose to live and work in Czech Republic. What brings them here is the dream of a better life. What is it like for them to live and work in the Czech Republic? How do they perceive our country and the mentality of the Czech people? What kind of problems do they have to deal with on their journey here and in their everyday life in the Czech Republic? Do the migrants really experience a better life here?

Against the background of migrant stories, the documentary also reveals the role played by NGOs who working with these migrants to facilitate the process of their integration.

The screening is always followed by a discussion with migration experts from SIMI or with the film protagonists.

The documentary film was produced by the Association for Integration as part of the project Increasing the role of the non-profit sector in the social integration of migrant workers in the Czech Republic, and was financed both by the European Social Fund through the Operational Programme “Human Resources and Employment” and by the Czech Republic state budget.

Further information about the documentary is available in the Press Release


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