New Czech Food Blog with Exotic Recipes and Personal Stories

SIMI has prepared new Foodblog, which offers not only unconventional recipes and culinary specialities from foreign lands, but explores also the personal story of foreigners coming from a particular country. Among the many recipes the blog will offer you will find recipes such as the bone broth from Ghana or the Georgian Khachapuri. Moreover, the blog will give you tips on where to have an exotic feast or where to go for an ethnic buffet with your colleagues. To make it easier for you, the food blog will also suggest where to find some of the less conventional ingredients.

The Foodblog called “Recipes with a Personal Story” was founded by the Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI), a non-governmental organisation that has for more than twenty years offered its advice and services to foreigners in the Czech Republic. The coordinator of the project Eva Čech Valentová explains: “On the blog, we try to offer an alternative to the traditional Czech cuisine of cream sauce and goulash. Also, we have created a space where people can share recipes from different parts of the world. We wish to inspire the reader not only to explore new types of food, but also to find out more about the cultures that produce those foods. Together with the recipe you will therefore find also the personal story of a foreigner explaining the reasons that brought him to the Czech Republic and his experience with the life there.”

Open multicultural evenings

The blog will also advertise regular evening gatherings in Prague or in the region of Central Bohemia open to all who wish to learn more about the countries where the various recipes originated. The evenings are organised together with the migrants and are an excellent opportunity to explore history, culture, and current situation in both well-known and exotic countries. The visitors have a chance to get to know the authors of the recipes and also to taste some of the dishes on the spot. For the year 2015, SIMI has planned meetings on Iran, Mongolia, Serbia, Ukraine, and other countries the migrants come from. It is the migrants themselves who lead the evening, introduce their country of origin, and talk to the guests about their experience of the Czech Republic. “Food is an important part of culture and a good way of bringing people together, so the guests will have a chance to taste some of the traditional dishes at each of the gatherings. They will also receive collector’s cards with recipes published on the blog,” says the PR manager of SIMI Kateřina Dederová.

Contact for the Press:

Kateřina Dederová

PR Manager

Association for Integration and Migration

Tel. +420/ 603 839 076



The Food blog was created with financial aid of the Municipal Authority of Prague under the project Give a Chance to (I)migrants II. The multicultural gatherings are financed by grants from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway under the project EEA and Norway Grants, project Crossing borders.


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