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Important information Important information 11/09/20

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, it is obligatory, since 10 September 2020, to wear protective masks (or respirators, scarves and the like) in the means of public transport, in all building interiors except your home and in the common areas of schools. The duty does not apply e.g. to children under 2 years of age, children and teachers in kindergartens and children’s groups, sportsmen at the time of their training or match and to restaurant customers while eating or drinking.

All the exceptions and more information can be found at the website of the Czech Ministry of Health Care (

You can also use the information hotline 1221.

Intercultural meeting: islam Intercultural meeting: islam 10/09/20

We would like to invite you for another of our intercultural meetings. This time its focus is going to be Islam. Together we are going to learn what do those who follow Islam believe in.  We are going to do so from a point of view of a person raised without being a believer and therefore in a matter that is comprehensible even for an ateist. We have also invited Mr Ahsan who we share his story.

  • When: on Monday, 26th October from 6 PM
  • Where: online on Skype

If you are interested in attending please send an email to to register.

We will send link by email to registered participants.

The meeting is going to be in English and it is going to be moderated by Marek Procházka.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


Important notice Important notice 06/09/20

Dear clients,

With the recent spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we kindly ask all of you who are ill or have cold like symptoms

not to come to consultation in person and to contact us by e-mail or telephone instead. We can help you solve a number of issues without your coming to our office.

We have to protect our staff’s health in order to be able to continue providing counselling services.

English / русский


Conference: Supporting the Integration of Migrants at the Local Level will happen on 1st of October Conference: Supporting the Integration of Migrants at the Local Level will happen on 1st of October 03/09/20

On the 1st of October 2020 the Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI) is hosting a conference in Prague to facilitate comprehensive discussion of migrant integration in the Czech Republic.


News from SIMI Blog “Without Wrinkle” News from SIMI Blog “Without Wrinkle” 31/08/20

We bring interesting and informative reading about women in migration on this blog. We share numerous life stories and experiences. For example, you can read Ms. Zulfiya's life story. On the blog you will also find a mini report from a common women's picnic in Kotlaska. Last but not least, read an interview with our volunteer Elmira, who helps students with a different mother tongue with homework.


Picnic on Kotlaska Picnic on Kotlaska 18/08/20

On Wednesday, August 12, 2020, our organization SIMI, together with ČŽL, the Women's Roma Group “Manushe” and similar group Slovo 21, organized a picnic in the community center of Kotlaska. Around thirty women of various origins, religions and ages gathered in this event. However, we all had the same goal - to get to know each other and enjoy the evening together. Throughout the picnic we were accompanied by beautiful weather, great food, and fun activities. Nevertheless, the whole event had a deeper goal than just this.


The issue about domestic violence is defer by Czech government again The issue about domestic violence is defer by Czech government again 31/07/20

It is regrettable that the Czech government still does not appreciate the seriousness and extent of domestic and sexual violence in the Czech Republic and on Monday postponed the ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence.

That is why we support the Czech Women's Lobby's call for the government to negotiate the Istanbul Convention immediately after the government holidays.

The whole TZ available here.


Important information Important information 10/07/20

ATTENTION! Important notice concerning residence: The transition period after the COVID-19 measures terminates on July 17, 2020. After that date, all residence procedures will be dealt with according to the Act on Residence of Foreign Nationals. Most importantly, it will no longer be possible to submit your residence application via post, if your presence in person is required.

Also pay attention to the up-to-date instructions for visiting the Ministry of the Interior offices after July 1, 2020. For more information refer to:


Domestic Violence During the Coronavirus Pandemic Domestic Violence During the Coronavirus Pandemic 09/07/20

Our partner organization, the Czech Women's Lobby (ČŽL), has issued a press release (TZ) focusing on domestic violence behind Covid-19. The TZ was issued on the basis of qualitative research, where the first phase of data collection took place from 18 April 2020 to 5 June 2020 in the form of interviews with victims of violence and monitoring the development of specific anonymized cases. The research showed that the number of incidents of domestic violence increased as a result of the state of emergency and related preventive measures.

The whole TZ available here.


We Have Organized an Online Debate with Migrants and Roma Women We Have Organized an Online Debate with Migrants and Roma Women 07/07/20

The Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI), the Czech Women's Lobby (ČŽL) and the Roma Women's Group Manushe (Word 21) have joined forces to point out women who are not visible or heard in society. These institutions organized a joint debate, which allowed such women to talk about their problems in an emergency in the Czech Republic and to point out some of the problems that minority women in the Czech Republic face.

Each of them came up with a different story, each went through different challenges, regarding health, work, family or personal issues. However, they all combined a determination to overcome the pandemic crisis with a positive attitude and, if possible, they helped other people around them.

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