Useful information for foreigners

Useful information for foreigners

Rights and responsibilities of foreigners differ according to their type of residence and can be categorized as:

1.  Non-EU nationals

2.  EU nationals and their family members

3.  Applicants for international protection

You can find information about legislation, employment, entrepreneurship, health care insurance, housing and social security system in every section.

For individual counseling please contact us:

  • Telefone +420 224 224 379
  • Fax: +420 224 239 455
  • Legal department: +420 603 547 450
  • Social department: +420 605 253 994
  • E-mail:

An overview of institutions and services in Prague 3 (not only) for foreigners

Are you a female migrant working in Czech household? More information HERE

Useful information for foreigners


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