Work permit

  • publishes the regional branch of the Labour Office
  • must be a vacancy (eg exception. Among applicants for international protection after 6 months in the proceedings for granting international protection of foreigners who reside in the territory of the Czech Republic on the basis of a visa for sufferance, seasonal workers, etc..)
  • is valid only for a specific employer (which is mentioned in the judgment) for a specific type and place of work places
  • is non-transferable
  • can be extended

Who needs a work permit

If you are a foreigner from third world countries and

  • staying in the Czech Republic on the basis of short-term visas and want to work or
  • you are a foreign employer established outside the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and sent to work in the Czech Republic or
  • staying in the Czech Republic on the basis of a permanent residence permit for business purposes and you want to work or have a partner, or member of the statutory body of a company or cooperative while working here or
  • you want to do "seasonal work" max. 6 months or a year
  • working as an intern in an employment relationship with the employer in the Czech Republic (max. 6 months) or
  • you are an applicant under the international protection and the management of international protection so you have 6 months or
  • you have been granted a visa or acquiescence
  • are max.of 26 years old and worked jobs within exchange programs between schools or
  • It is based on existing international agreements

For more information contact the office of SIMI

Useful information for foreigners


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