Visa for a stay exceeding 90 days

Foreigners coming from non-EU countries and planning to stay in the Czech Republic  for longer than 3 months must apply for a visa for a stay exceeding 90 days at the embassy of the Czech Republic in their home country (it is necessary to make an appointment beforehand). This is the case unless you come from one of the countries listed in the proclamation of the Ministry of Interior No. 429/2010 Sb. (e.g. Canada, Malaysia, and USA); in all other cases you must apply for a visa at the embassy in your home country.

You may apply for a visa for the purpose of  entrepreneurship, family reunion, research, academic studies, seasonal employment, or tolerated stay, and it is also granted for the purpose of obtaining a permanent residence permit, long-term stay, Employee card, Blue card, or European Union Member-State Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card

To apply for this visa, you must submit a completed form:”Application for a long-term residence permit”. When submitting, you must also pay the administrative fee (1.000 CZK).

The application must, except in extraordinary cases, be submitted in person.. Furthermore, you must submit:

  • A valid travel document
  • A photograph, if there is not already a visual record of the applicant
  • A Document proving accommodation for the period of the applicant’s stay (e.g. extract from a land register proving ownership of an apartment or a house, a rental contract, a landlord’s confirmation)
  • Proof of funds for the purposes of the residence (55.000 CZK for 6 months, 81.400 CZK for 12 months, 110.000 CZK for the purpose of entrepreneurship regardless of the length of residence) – by means of submitting a statement of account
  • Travel health insurance for the period of stay (submitted after application for a long-term visa is approved)
  • On request – confirmation such as an abstract from the Criminal Register (except for foreigners younger than 15), medical report
  • Document confirming purpose of stay
  • Entrepreneurship: a proof of the entry in the relevant register, list, or record, funds for the purposes of the residence
  • Entrepreneurship: confirmation of signing into a register, list or evidence; funds to cover your stay in the Czech Republic
  • Research: hosting agreement; research organization’s statement
  • Handover of a residence permit: a decision on the issuance of a permanent or a long-term residence permit, Employee Card, Blue Card, or European Union Member-State Intra-Company Employee Transfer Card
  • Academic Studies: confirmation of enrollment

The Travel document, submitted matriculation documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.), and the document confirming the purpose of stay must be always submitted in the original!!! All documents must be in Czech, or accompanied by an official translation into Czech.

You should know the decision within 90 days. In in more complex cases, within 120 days. In case of applications for study, teaching or research within 60 days of the request.

This Visa is valid for a maximum of 1 year. The exception is when this visa has been issued to allow time for a residence permit to be maintained, in which case the validity is limited to 6 months, that authorizes residence in the territory of max. 60 days. It is possible to extend its validity.validity.

Administrative fee:

  • 1,000 CZK (from the fee are exempted those who apply for study or training in the field of education, researchers)
  • fee for a long-term visa for the tolarated stay 300 CZK
  • free for children under 6 years

The difference between a short-term visa and a visa for a stay of over 90 days is that a foreigner holding visa for a stay exceeding 90 days is eligible to apply for a long-term stay in the Czech Republic territory (does not apply to seasonal employment long-term visas), and thereafter to stay (after fulfilling the legal conditions) up to a few years.

Extension of validity:

  • Can be submitted at the earliest 90 days before the end of validity and at the latest on the last day of validity (again, the application form and all necessary documents must be submitted !!!)
  • You must pay the administrative fee of 1.000 CZK

Not granting a visa:

In the event of not being granted a long-term visa, within 15 days of receiving the notification of not being granted a long-term visa you can request the MOI (Ministry of the Interior) for a new appraisal of the reasons for not granting the visa.

Useful information for foreigners


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