Entrance and final / maturita exams

Entrance exams for secondary schools

Uniform entrance exams for secondary schools will take place no earlier than 14 days after the pupils return to schools.

The originally planned exam (written test in Czech language and literature and written test in mathematics) will take place only on one date with possible substitute dates.

The deadline is set by the Ministry of Education.

The admission criteria set by the school headmaster also remain unchanged. The headmasters who decided to organise the school part of the entrance exam will set their new dates in accordance with a schedule to be determined by the Ministry of Education.

Maturita exams and final exams

Maturita exams will take place no earlier than 21 days after the reopening of secondary schools.

This year only, within the framework of the unified maturita exams there will only be the didactic part without the written part in Czech and foreign language.

The results of maturita exams will be evaluated directly at schools.

If the schools are not re-opened by 1 June, maturita certificates will be determined on the basis of marks from the last three end-of-year certificates with the possibility of a commission examination.

You can also find more information on the website of organisation Meta and Inkluzivní škola.

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