Foodblog and cooking classes

Through this project, which will enable meetings of the Czech public with foreigners of various nationalities and countries of origin, living in Czech Republic, we want to achieve an understanding for different countries and cultures, a greater toleration of majority toward minorities and an elimination of stereotypical views.

The meetings will take the form of cooking courses and intercultural meetings. On cooking courses you have the opportunity to meet with guests - forigners - and learn more about the history and culture of their country of origin and their journey to the Czech Republic. During the Intercultural meeting you have a chance to participate in the informal meetings of Czechs and foreigners and openly discuss selected topics. Meetings take place every month in Skautský institut on Old Town Square.

Within the cooking classes we have produced collector cards with recipies and stories of migrants from following countries:

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Crossing Borders in Prague project is supported by the grant from the Prague City Council.