Integrating Prague

The “Integrating Prague” project acts as a useful link between activities aimed at removing obstacles for migrant social inclusion and, at the same time, equips migrants with knowledge and orientation. The project builds on the SIMI practices that proved to have a relevant impact on the target groups.

The number of migrants in the Czech Republic grows steadily and this is predicted to continue for the foreseeable future. And the highest number of migrants live just in the capital. Migrants in Prague already represent about 15% of the city’s population. The many year experience of the SIMI team shows that migrants encounter discrimination, stigmatisation and violation of their rights (both labour and fundamental human rights) more often than the majority society. They have to overcome specific barriers and they face a much higher risk of marginalisation and social exclusion. All this brings about problems not just to the migrants but also to those around them.

Therefore, the project’s target groups are not only the migrants legally residing in the country but also Prague‘s public institutions: in particular, municipality offices and social service providers that do not primarily focus on migrants. In order to achieve effective prevention of risk phenomena (social exclusion) and to facilitate migrant integration in Prague’s population and labour market, it is vital to support them, too.

Project activities

  • Professional social and legal counselling
  • Intercultural assistance
  • Support for migrants in the area of sociocultural orientation
  • Analysis of social service availability
  • Support for municipality offices in the area of migrant integration

The Integrating Prague project no. CZ.03.2.X/0.0/0.0/18_095/0011297 is financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund under the Operational Programme Employment.