Assistance of intercultural workers

The service is intended for pedagogical workers and migrant families and helps to overcome language and socio-cultural barriers in educational establishments (schools) in the capital city of Prague.

What services can an intercultural worker offer you?

  • assists the school at the meetings with the family of migrants
  • interprets during personal meetings or on the phone
  • explains to the family the functioning of the Czech educational system and school
  • translates internal documents to parents or email
  • helps with orientation in the Czech environment and, if necessary, mediates with the family contact with a social worker or a lawyer of SIMI

How to order an intercultural worker service?

  • contact by phone or email intercultural worker directly
  • specify the date of the meeting, and what it should concern
  • if you want to mediate communication with a particular family, give the intercultural worker contact and content of the message
  • the service must be ordered at least 5 days in advance