Trainings for teachers

As part of the Crossing borders project, in cooperation with teachers from Prague schools, we prepared materials suitable for teaching the subject of migration and also trained the pedagogical staff of schools.

Methodology for pedagogues

Methodology of Educational Workshop for Educators and School Staff - The publication contains information on the preparation of training workshops, but also presents their content. Themes were:

  • Fundamentals of migration issues, including an introduction to the current refugee situation
  • Increasing intercultural competences of teachers
  • Educating pupils with a different mother tongue
  • Introducing the work of intercultural workers

Methodology of Multicultural Education - The publication contains various methods of teaching the subject of migration, including the information base, practical examples of activities in teaching, a glossary of terms and a signpost of other methodologies. The methodology is used by teachers to conduct a course on migration.

Both publications are also available in printed form at the SIMI office

Other suitable materials for teaching migration

Training for educators

For teachers and educator SIMI offered free workshop on Media, Stereotypes and Migration.

SIMI has long been involved in educating the public on migration and refugees and creating opportunities for joint encounters and understanding between migrants and Czech society.


Projekt Crossing borders  Mluvme spolu o migraci jsou spolufinancovány Evropskou Unií z Evropských strukturálních a investičních fondů, v rámci Operačního programu Praha – pól růstu ČR.