Ukraine - information for schools

Information for schools regarding the crisis in Ukraine

  • Practical advice on how to deal with the current situation with incoming students can be found in the frequently asked questions section on the Inclusive Schools Portal.
  • Important information on how to support children coming from Ukraine is primarily on the website The National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic (NPI CR) has been collecting materials on this topic and has also prepared a website for schools at with guidelines for integrating Ukrainian students in the classroom.

Whom to contact?

  • Charles University, along with the Ukrainian Embassy and a foundation are coordinating a network of one-room schoolhouses in major cities on a volunteer basis. Children in these classes will be educated primarily in Ukrainian.
  • Apart from these one-room schools, there is also the WWW.SHKOLA.CZ network, these schools enable Ukrainian families in the Czech Republic to find a kindergarten, elementary or high school. The map shows schools that have vacancies and are ready to accept children from Ukraine.

Methodological support for schools

The Prague City Hall has set up an information help line for citizens as well as schools on the education of children and students from Ukraine.

  • Phone number: +420 236 005 901 available Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00.
  • Email address: is in operation without any restrictions.

The Inclusive School provides answers to frequently asked questions from schools. The Ministry of Education has published methodological material on the education and schooling of children from Ukraine in the Czech Republic. You can also find a directory of materials done by the National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic.

Materials for Ukrainian children

Fraus publishing house has made their textbooks available free of charge for Ukrainian children in the Czech Republic. Educational materials for Ukrainian children are also available on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education. The Mathematics section in Ukrainian is also nicely developed.

Materials for teaching Czech language

CIC, o.p.s. has prepared a collection of materials for teaching Czech and many supplies, games and didactical tools can be found on the Inclusive School. Newly there are nice materials also on the website of the Libraries for Ukraine. The Zaedno Association offers Ukrainian fairy tales and worksheets on their website for download. First Aid in Czech - audio recorded pronunciation of words and free lessons.

Communication with students from Ukraine

Suggestions on how to speak with migrants can be found in our Local Integration Manual. Organization OPU has prepared advice on How to talk to people affected by war. You can also use various dictionaries, such as the visual dictionary or the Czech-Ukrainian Illustrated Dictionary Volumes 1 and 2.

Leisure activities for children and their parents from Ukraine

Prague City Gallery organizes many activities for children and their parents from Ukraine for free. In Prague 2, the organization InBáze, z.s. organizes leisure clubs for children and parents. There is the Community Centre Jahoda in Albertov, where a playroom is available. In Prague 4, the association Žít spolu offers babysitting as well as other various activities.

You can also find Czech language courses for the summer holidays in our summary here (Czech, Yкраїнський, Tiếng Việt).

Additional support can be found in the database at