Workshops at schools

We offer free talks on migration and refugees with a foreign gues to schools in Prague.

The lectures last 2-3 lessons, depending on the school capacity. meetings can be divided into 2 school visits.

The meeting should be preceded by a one-hour preparation of the pupils with the teacher on the basis of documents sent in advance by the SIMI staff. This saves time for the discussion, which is then devoted to migration and refugee issues more in depth.

The first lesson with SIMI staff is for deeper understanding of migrations and refugees, interesting data, resources, but also a space for discussion where each pupil has the opportunity to talk about his or her own experiences and opinions and ask about what is interested in the topic.

In the second hour is dedicated to the guest  - foreigner living in the Czech Republic who tells their story and shares the experience of the journey here and of life here, including their country of origin, history, cultural habits, etc. Guests are mostly migrants who already live in the Czech Republic for some time and speak Czech, in case of English-speaking pupils we can organize discussion with some guest in English as well. The guests are migrants with interesting stories, often with refugee experience, so that they can mediate the reality of refugees from the other side and answer questions.

In the third lesson, we prepare a creative workshop for students according to the choice of the school, either media, art or cooking, focusing on cultural traditions, the motives of the country of origin of the foreigner's guest, in the media workshop, studnet will work with texts and will be introduced to the topic of fake news and misinformation in connection with migration.

As part of the Crossing Borders project, we have also published the Yearbooks (Ročenky) in cooperation with the schools, which provide information on the progress of the discussions, the workshop outputs, the pupils' work and the migration issues.

If you are interested in this program, please contact Marie Leopoldová at

We will look forward to joint meetings.