Cities and Inclusive Strategies /Migrants Integration in Regions



In September 2017, SIMI launched the project “Cities and Inclusive Strategies”.

The project aims, among others, to:

  • Evaluate the integration of all groups of foreigners at the local level in the Czech Republic: As part of the project, there will be a comprehensive mapping and evaluation of projects and tools (financial flows, legislation, etc.) aimed at supporting the integration of foreigners in the Czech Republic. The project will also generate a handbook of tools showing how and in what local integration areas to set goals, what tools to use to achieve them, how to evaluate them and how to prepare for situations that can easily occur in the Czech Republic.
  • Build a knowledge-based platform for the integration process stakeholders: The project outputs will include an online database of integration projects focussing on the local integration of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic over the past twenty years. The database will also contain examples of good international practice transferable to the Czech environment. The project also aims to support the creation of thematic platforms at regional and national levels and to enhance mutual collaboration among various stakeholders involved in the integration process.
  • Set up integration policies so that they would better reflect the needs of foreigners: Based on analytical and evaluation outputs, the project will propose innovative solutions and strategies to streamline inclusive mechanisms at regional and national levels in the Czech Republic. The project will thus contribute to comprehensive solving of integration and migration issues, to more efficient spending of public funds and more effective integration of all people with migration experience.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the European Social Fund, the Operational Programme for Employment, within the framework of call 124 aiming to support the innovation environment.

In addition to the SIMI team, experts from the Centre for Social and Economic Strategies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University (CESES) and the Multicultural Centre Prague participate in the project implementation. Other partners include the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic and selected regions of the Czech Republic: The Capital City of Prague, Liberec Region and South Moravian Region.

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