Achieving changes

Do senior female migrants have equal access to pension scheme? Are they discriminated against in the labour market? What problems do they face in relation to migration and integration in Czech society? What are the functional, legislative, societal and political barriers and how to remove them?

These and other questions should be answered through the researchfemale migrants counselling and comparative analysis, using experience of the Norwegian and Czech partners. We focus on examining the public policy causes, tools, goals, results and impacts on female migrants aged 40+.

Among others, we will cover the following:

  • Entering, gaining and maintaining a position in the labour market;
  • Access to pension scheme, bilateral and international documents;
  • Issues related to care for parents and children;
  • Right to family reunification;
  • Strategic ageism-related documents;
  • Female migrants’ position in the context of national and European migration legislation.

The results, recommendations and policy documents are to be found here in the course of the project. If you want to be updated follow our facebook page or get registered for newsletter.