Counselling for female migrants

Are you a female migrant aged 40 or more? Are you dealing with work-related problems or are you about to retire? Are you at a loss of not receiving any pension? Do you want to bring your children or parents to the Czech Republic and are you failing to do so? Perhaps you don’t know how to extend your stay, apply for another type of residence permit, or you may want to apply for Czech citizenship? Or you may have another problem that is difficult to deal with on your own?

Do you find yourself in a difficult life situation? Do you have problems with your partner? Are you failing to take care of your sick parents or are you dealing with health-related problems and you don’t know how to cope with the situation?

Read our Practical guide with tips how to deal with various life situations:

Or come and get advice!

Our staff will help you deal with your problems. We speak English, Russian, French and German.

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Leaflets for female migrants: