A research related to the project titled „Women at the Sidelines(?)“ prepared by the Association for Integration and Migration will focus on a group of female migrants aged over 40 years from former Yugoslavia. It examines how these women perceive their specific position in the Czech labour market, how they balance their work and private lives (in particular, care for parents in their countries of origin); what social, financial and healthcare security strategies they choose with respect to their uncertain situation during retirement. How do they live out a sensitive time of going into retirement and what is the role of social networks (not only those of migrants’) in providing support for these women?

The Women by the Wayside research is the very first qualitative research in the field of migration, intersectionally dealing with the issues, such as gender, migration and age (and/or ageing, as the case may be) and reflecting on the lived experience of these women. The data is based on semi-structured interviews (to be anonymised as required by data protection rules) with 40 women from a selected research sample.

The research outcomes include a specialised monograph (publication) and specialised studies, which will not only help improve knowledge related to gender in migration in the Czech Republic, but will also be used (together with a social policy and legislation analysis) to help resolve problems, if any, related to access to the Czech pension scheme and to the vulnerable position of female migrants of this age in the Czech labour market.

The research results were also prezented at the bilateral Czech-Norwegian conference in Prague on the 8 June 2016.

and can be found also at Urban People magazine - Women in Between: Gender, Refugee Experience and Ageing

  • Contact person:

Petra Ezzeddine, PhD.