4. Foreign Police Service (Služba cizinecké policie)

Foreign police is the body of the Czech Police which carries out the tasks associated with identifying illegal migration, implementing punitive measures against foreigners residing in the territory of the Czech Republic against the Act on alien residence (administrative expulsion and the placement into detention centers for foreigners), and addressing crimes committed in relation to the crossing of national borders and cross-border crime.

General Directorate of the foreign police is the management, control and methodical department for these above-defined activities, and it oversees a wide network of regional offices, which are divided into departments of foreign police (Oddìlení cizinecké policie) and departments of residential matters (Oddìlení pobytových agend).


General Directorate of the Foreign Police

Olšanská 2

post office box 78

130 51 Praha 3

Phone: +420 974 841 219 – the director's office

E-mail: krcpp@mvcr.cz

E-registry: posta.policie@mvcr.cz

Web: www.policie.cz (for contacts to foreign police departments see the section Útvary Policie ÈR, which means "Police Units").