We offer advice in difficult life situation for migrant women living in Czech Republic

SIMI has been for a long time focusing on the specific needs of migrant women and seeking with them the path to a happy life in the Czech Republic without multiple discrimination.

Regardless of your immigration status, we offer direct legal, social and psychosocial assistance.

The basic areas of our support can be found on leaflets in CzechEnglishRussian.

  • Are you looking for work or dealing with job-related issues?
  • Do you need assistance regarding your residence status or the one of your family members?
  • Do you need assistance in communication with state authorities and public institutions?
  • Are you experiencing problems related to parenthood or motherhood?
  • Do you plan to retire or need assistance with retirement payments?
  • Have you experienced discrimination?
  • Do you feel threatened by domestic violence?
  • Are you dealing with other problems? Have you found yourself in a difficult situation?

In SIMI we provided free of charge:

  • professional legal, social and psychosocial counseling in English and Russian
  • assistance of intercultural workers in English, Russian, Vietnamese and Mongolian

The counseling is provided within the project "Migrant women among women" implemented with financial support from the Office of the Czech Government and the Government Council for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.