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All publications listed herein can be obtained from the Association for Integration and Migration offices at Baranova 33, Prague 3, tel.: +420 224 224 379

Most of our publications are in Czech, apart from:

Publication Women at the Sidelines (?) - Gender, Migration and Ageing

The present publication refers to a specific topic of the status and situation of migrant women and women with a migration background in upper-middle and senior age in the Czech Republic. It is a theme in the Czech environment yet unresolved, which, however, has been gradually gaining in size and, therefore, in relevance. The first part of the publication describes results of an extensive Analysis of the Position and Situation of these women in Czech Republic. The second part of the publication deals with a specific group of senior migrant women in the Czech Republic. The presented qualitative research covers a group of women aged 50+ with a refugee background coming from former Yugoslavia who have lived in the Czech Republic for more than twenty years.

The publication is available in SIMI office in print and online at:


Foreign workers in the labour market in the Czech Republic and in selected European countries.

The publication we have prepared for you concerns a relatively narrow issue: the position of foreign workers in the labour market in the Czech Republic and in several other selected countries of the European Union. Our original intention was to address mainly the question of job safety for these persons, as well as work accidents and occupational diseases.

The publication can be picked up at our SIMI office and online:


The situation of migrant women on the Czech market of domestic work

In 2014, SIMI conducted a quantitative research among migrant women working in other people's homes within a 2-year project called Equal opportunities on the threshold of Czech homes.

Now we bring the English version of the research titled as Situation of migrant women on the Czech market of domestic work.

The first of its kind in the Czech Republic, this research is primarily concerned with working conditions of these migrant women, the tasks these women execute as well as with other matters related to paid domestic work.

The research was conducted by Czech renowned experts from the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in Pargue and the  Economic Institute CERGE-IE.

For further information about the project, its results and partner cooperation, please visit the project website www.pracovnicevdomacnosti.cz.


Irregular Residence of Foreign Citizens in the Czech Republic: Issues and Solutions


This collection of expert articles predominantly concerns various aspects of irregular migration. It is a result of the joint efforts of four non-governmental organisations, which took part in the project “Regularisation as One of the Tools in the Fight against Irregular Migration.” The goal of the project was to contribute to the strengthening of the rights of undocumented migrants in the Czech Republic.

The collection’s aim is to help set the stage for constructive debate. The publication contains contributions by representatives from non-governmental organisations, the academic community as well as governmental institutions and strives to raise awareness of the issues and potential solutions.

Irregular residence of foreign citizens in the Czech Republic

This project was funded by the financial mechanisms of EEA and Norway Grants from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway through the Civil Society Development Foundation.

An expert publication on the role of the non-profit sector in the process of social integration of migrant workers

SIMI, within the project called “Increasing the role of NGOs in the social integration of labour migrants in the Czech Republic”, published a book on the subject. The publication also includes, in addition to analysis of the situation of labour migration in the Czech Republic, a comparison of the situation in the project partner countries, Austria and Portugal. In the publication, you will also find enclosed a DVD containing a documentary film called A Better Life, telling stories of migrant workers in the Czech Republic; interviews with representatives of the Austrian organization ZeMiT and video spots. The publication is available in the SIMI office and can be downloaded Here /in Czech only/.  The video spots, interviews and documentary films can be viewed on our You Tube profile as well.

The publication is divided into two main parts. The first part, mostly theoretical, contains an analysis of labour migration in the Czech Republic in a broader context, focusing on the state of social integration of migrant workers, their rights and their position within the Czech labour market, the issue of illegal work and its prevention, as well as an analysis of the key issues in the field of labour migration and integration in the European context, and in both partner countries participating in the project - Austria and Portugal. The second part presents the comparison of the non-profit sector functioning in the area of labour migration in the countries represented in the project, emphasizing the interdependence of their activities with labour offices and other entities in Portugal and Austria. It serves as a basis for proposals and suggestions for creation and development of similar forms of cooperation in the CR. This section describes the current status of Czech NGOs in the process of social integration of migrant workers in general, their services provided to target groups and their future perspectives in this field.

The publication also includes legislative and other recommendations that could contribute to the facilitation of social integration of foreigners in the Czech Republic in the future, in terms of a labour market. Another noteworthy part comprises casuistic cases that are discussed in the publication, as well as inspiring interviews with consultants from the Austrian organization and with mediators of Portuguese organization. These experiences from abroad are then complemented with an interview related to the recently introduced practice of cultural mediators in the Czech Republic.

Law on foreigners

In fall 2012, a collective of authors with a background in a non-profit sector and under the lead of lawyer Mgr. Pavel Čižinský, published another monograph under the Linde publishing house. The contributors of the book included three lawyers from SIMI - Pavla Hradečná, Magda Faltová and Eva Valentová.

This book represents the first specialist publication offering an overview of various legal issues related to everyday life of foreigners living in the Czech Republic. The selection of specific topics was done by the authors based on their long-term experience in legal practice or the practice in the migration-related NGOs sector. The publication not only deals with the right of entry and residence of foreigners (including EU citizens) in the Czech Republic and the Schengen area, but also many other areas of law in which the law provides foreigners rights and obligations different from those for Czech citizens. Readers will gain a practical overview and example of citizenship of the Czech Republic, the right of foreigners to take up employment or business, rights of foreigners in the area of ​​social security and social assistance, health insurance for foreigners, the status of foreigners in the area of driving ​​motor vehicles, real estate acquisition by foreigners, legal aspects of mixed marriages or some peculiarities of the status of foreigners in criminal proceedings.

The publication should primary serve to assist lawyers, particularly attorneys providing legal services to foreigners, employees in civil service and other authorities encountering foreigners within their work, as well as all other lawyers or law students who want to familiarize themselves with this legal field, which is relatively new in the Czech law and which is dynamically expanding and changing. The publication is also intended for non-lawyers who get in contact with foreigners in their work or private life: employers who intend to employ foreigners, workers from schools, hospitals, non-governmental organizations and social institutions that provide services to foreigners, property owners who provide accommodation to foreigners, or those who have entered into family relationship with a foreigner. Finally, the publication also aims to serve as a handy tool for foreigners themselves living in the Czech Republic, whatever country they come from and whatever residence permit they have to stay in the Czech Republic (including former Czech and Czechoslovak citizens who lost their citizenship).

Addressing issues of illegal stay of foreigners - the situation in the Czech Republic and in selected European countries

At the beginning of 2012, another monograph was published by Linde publisher. It was created by the team of authors within the project called Regularization as one of the tools in the fight against illegal migration, which was implemented by SIMI in partnership with the Organization for Aid to Refugees and the Prague Multicultural Centre with the support from ESF OPLZZ. Co-authors included lawyers from SIMI, namely Pavla Hradečná, Eva Valentová and Klára Holíková.

How should we approach the irregular migration? Should we send back persons fleeing their country for reasons of facing famine and cruel regimes or simply looking for a better place to live, and even use violence to do so? Or allow them to stay under certain conditions? Should the economic interests outweigh human and legal considerations? And is there any proper solution at all? The publication attempts to answer all of these and more similar questions while dealing with quite a controversial topic, namely with irregular migration in contemporary European area.

This is the very first monograph in the Czech Republic dealing with a fairly controversial topic, namely irregular migration in contemporary European area. The authors attempt to answer, to what extent the today's fight against the phenomenon that we have witnessed in Europe, can prevail over the protection of individual human rights. It considers what procedures are still legitimate in this area and on the contrary, what is unacceptable in a democratic modern state. Regularization is the Leitmotif of the book, which is the most commonly used term for measures by which the state allows residency to those who have been dwelling on its territory without the necessary residence permit. Besides the legal aspects related to the life without a residence permit in the Czech Republic, and then in Spain and Portugal, the book brings stories of complicated and often dramatic lives of people in positions of people  of second or third category, who are denied even the most basic rights. The book is particularly topical for professionals, policy makers and students, however, it could be attractive to all those who are interested in irregular migration and the ways it can be dealt with.

Vulnerable groups in facilities detaining foreigners

Report on detention of vulnerable groups of asylum seekers and irregular migrants in the EU, which was created within a unique international project called Devas. In addition to the legal basis on this issue, the report details the daily life of foreigners detained in detention centres in the CR and 20 other EU countries. The report for the Czech Republic is available in printed form or on a CD in the full English version at our office. It can also be downloaded here:

Becoming vulnerable in detention_full version_eng

A Glance into Refugee’s Cooking Pot I. and II.


The cookbooks contain recipes from around the world, which were written by female refugees during the time they spent in the Červený Újezd asylum seeker centre. This publication includes dishes from Ghana, Angola, Iraq, Afghanistan, Belarus and Ukraine. The recipes are accompanied by short stories, which give insight into the lives of the women in their homeland, on the run and  their new lives  in the Czech Republic.

Roubalová, Gunterová, Kostlán: A Newcomer


Summary: This publication provides a compelling picture of people who came to the Czech Republic in the search of a new home. In the first part, you can find original and specially written personalised stories about refugees.

Věra Roubalová, a therapist and social worker at the Counselling Centre for Refugees (Poradna pro uprchlíky, PPU) completes the stories of people in refugee camps in her own words. František Kostlán, a member of the Counselling Centre for Refugees and Centre for Migration Issues (Centrum pro otázky migrace, COM) gives the stories a final touch. Additionally, he is the author of foreword, two stories on refugees and the analysis of neo-Nazism and racism texts in this book.

The second part of the book contains eight stories about intolerance told by foreigners as well as citizens of the Czech Republic who experienced xenophobia and racism. These stories were recorded thanks to Tereza Günterová, a social worker at the Counselling Centre for Refugees.

My world – a comic book about the lives of refugees


Association for Integration and Migration in cooperation with international partners Hungarian Baptist Aid and GVC Italia published cartoons life stories of refugees and their ways through integration in new countries, as well as experiences how they deal with it.

Publication contains four stories accomplished with photos where the refugee comes from.

The first story describes the life of young man from Chechnya, who is in danger of prison and even death, due to his political position. Because of this, he runs away into the Czech Republic. The second story is dedicated to the Mongolian schoolboy who is getting used to a new life in Hungary. The third part describes the story of the man and his uneasy escape to Italy from the poverty and diseases in Mozambique. The last part tries to explain the reasons why the young Christian woman had to run away from the Muslim country in order to find new life without her family in Hungary. All the heroes are faced with discrimination, language barriers and other problems.

The comic book is primary designed for secondary and high schools, where it can be used for various subjects such as civics, as well as geography and history. However, the publication also serves for the general public and all the people who are interested in refugee’s stories. Book is available for free at the office of SIMI.

Download My world comic book here

This comic was created as part of the project Changing the attitude of the European youth towards developing countries with the help of migrants, supported by the European Commission within the Europe Aid Programme and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The other part of this project includes animated spots with migration theme, created in the workshop, attended by teenagers from the Czech Republic, Vietnam, Italy and Hungary.

The computer game inspired by comic stories can be found here:



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