Therapeutic counseling

We offer free professional support and consultations to all clients who currently are in a difficult personal situation.

In order to make an appointment, please contact our counselor Frantisek Cihlar at

We can provide assistance with a wide range of issues such as:

  • personal, relationship, family and educational problems
  • work-related issues, unfulfilled expectations, feelings of long-term misfortune, alienation, generation gap misunderstandings or problems with transnational marriages
  • victims of uncomfortable or troublesome prejudice (related to their origin, ethnicity, language, religion, etc)  experienced in the Czech Republic
  • etc...
We also deal with following issues:
  • traumatic experiences as a result of political, religious, ethnical or another kind of persecution
  • victims of illegal trade, exploitation or other types of illegal activities here in the Czech  Republic or in the country of origin
  • etc...

If the client's issues extend beyond our capacity, we can mediate help of other professionals in the field of psychology, psychiatric care etc...


František Cihlář

I have been working as a consultant for more than 10 years; I offer consultations in Czech, English and Russian. I work with women, men and couples - with all those who do not feel well, who are sad, disappointed, angry or unhappy in their life, relationship, work or elsewhere.

During consultations I primarily take up the role of a guide – together with clients we go through their current situation and seek new perspectives on their problems which are often complex and seemingly difficult to solve. I do not usually advise the clients on how to proceed; we rather work together so that they find a way to solve their problems within themselves. I can offer safe and discreet environment, receptive listening, empathy, kindness and respect.


Legal and social counselling


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