Our membership

Our Membership

As part of its activities, the Association for Integration and Migration contributes to the long-term support of civil society development and to the reinforcement of NGO coalition, as well as other such entities so that they can more effectively defend the rights of socially excluded groups, especially foreigners and refugees. Guided by this idea, SIMI has been actively engaging with various human rights groups and their activities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Partnership in the Czech Republic

SIMI benefits from its membership in various networks in the Czech Republic in terms of achieving a better promotion of its activities and sharing common views on current migration issues, but most of all it serves the purpose of information exchange with other stakeholders in the area of migration. The aspect of getting different forms of support for clients or employees in such a partnership is of great importance. We offer online consulting services on special internet portals; we publish specialised articles and commentaries, and eventually also event invitations. Currently, SIMI cooperates with the following platforms and portals at the national level.

International Partnership

At an international level, the Association for Integration and Migration is involved through membership in several European and global human rights networks. Moreover, SIMI collaborates closely with many other international NGOs in the area of migration through its projects.

Our membership


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