Information for migrants on measures related to prevention of COVID-19 and residency

On 12 March 2020, a state of emergency was declared for a period of 30 days, during which many restrictions on everyday life in the Czech Republic may occur. It is therefore imperative to pay attention to the latest information. This is often not available in other language than Czech, so when in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us or our colleagues from other organizations.


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Below you can find a brief overview of the measures in force as of 26 March 2020 (17:00/5:00 PM) concerning migration and residency matters.


ATTENTION - not all of the measures valid as of this date are included in this overview. For a complete overview, please, refer to the website of the Government of the Czech Republic at

For more information and up-to-date developments, please, refer also to the Asylum and Migration Policy Department website at