Cooperation with Prague 3 City District

We have been collaborating with Prague 3 City District for a long time, and here we bring you an overview of the latest news.

Ukrainian Translation of the Prague 3 Web Portal

We have prepared a Ukrainian translation of the Prague 3 web portal - practical information for residents of the city district is now available in a total of 4 foreign languages: English, Russian, Vietnamese, and Ukrainian.

Completion of a Two-Year Field Research

We have completed fieldwork in local Vietnamese establishments, which has shown us a number of opportunities for better integration of Vietnamese residents of Prague 3. Thus, we have completed a two-year field research, and we are sharing its results with stakeholders in Prague 3 City District. During fieldwork, we also provide information about city district services and our practical online map of Prague 3 in Vietnamese.

The activities were carried out as part of projects to support the integration of foreigners in Prague 3 - Coexistence 2023 and 2024, co-financed by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.