Refugee Fund - a joint project of SIMI and the Chamber of Commerce

In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic ( SIMI is launching a project to support the integration of refugees into Czech society. One of the most important moments in the integration of refugees into the society is the integration into the labor market, which entails not only economic self-sufficiency, but also self-confidence and scope for integration into the events around them.

Refugee Fund is here primarily to help refugees gain for example retraining, education, or improve their professional knowledge of the Czech language in professions that are scarce in the Czech Republic. Refugee children and young people without completed education will be able to get support in vocational, technical and other scarce fields, both in the form of scholarships and unrepeated support according to their needs. SIMI will be in the implementation of the project cooperating with other NGOs and organizations involved in the integration of refugees in the Czech Republic.

Cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce takes place primarily in the following areas:

  • obtaining information on work experience and education of refugees,
  • search for suitable candidates for the jobs demanded by entrepreneurs,
  • finding tools to help especially young people to take advantage or gain a qualification,
  • in collaboration with entrepreneurs to set appropriate retraining models directly within and according to the needs of specific businesses,
  • efficient and long-term involvement of refugees in the Czech labor market.

SIMI has established for the purposes of the Refugee Fund special account held by the Czechoslovak Commercial Bank, Inc. - Account number 272846157/0300. Any funds provided on this account will be used in accordance with the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the Chamber of Commerce and the Association for Integration and Migration.

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