Legal counselling

AIM offers foreigners living in the Czech Republic regardless of their residential status a free legal counseling. This free legal counseling leads to full integration of foreigners into the local society. We seek to equip clients with such knowledge and skills, that they can act in the Czech Republic independently and fully exercise their rights and fulfill their duty. This free legal counseling is in practice easier and timely solutions to possible problems of clients, and easier orientation in a new environment. (Thanks to this free legal counseling our clients better orient themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. Thus we offer them simple and timely solutions to their problems). It prevents crises and conflict situations, which might arise from ignorance of Czech legislation. This legal counseling is based on detailed knowledge and analysis of current Czech and international law, case law and longstanding experience of organization in this field.

We provide comprehensive legal counseling, in particular, in fields of ​​aliens and refugee law.

  • AIM’s lawyers assist clients in regularizing of stay in the Act on Residence of Aliens and Asylum Act. The assistance can, for example, cover a preparation of documents and supporting documents, applications, mediation of contacts with foreign police and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, lodging papers with the court or other state bodies, legal representation, etc.
  • In the field of refugee law, we provide basic information on the management of international protection, its progress, rights and obligations of applicants for international protection, refugees and persons who have been granted subsidiary protection.
  • In specific cases, we provide individual assistance throughout proceedings, which involve participation in interviews with the Ministry of the Interior's staff, writing court actions and other judicial or extra-judicial administration, representation before the courts or operations related to the extension of subsidiary protection, etc.

Our services, however, can help foreigners in almost all situations in the CZ.

  • We provide legal assistance marriage and registered partnership services between foreigners or between a foreigner and a citizen of the Czech Republic, and
  • stay of mixed marriage children.
  • An abundant of our clients turns to us because of the economic crisis and labor problems. For example, together with our clients, we deal with wrongful termination of employment by employers, withholding wages and non-payment of wages, and other violations of labor law.

Legal counseling is offered to clients (foreigners) free of charge in Czech, Russian, English and French languages. In some cases, we are able to provide translation into other languages.

In most cases, the legal counseling is provided with an individual approach and knowledge of client needs. In counseling, we emphasize that the client should be familiar at least with basic rights and responsibilities. This will minimize negative effects that might be caused by ignorance of the legislation.

We solve problems of our clients in collaboration with government agencies, especially with the Ministry of the Interior (Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, the Refugee Facilities Administration, Police of the Czech Republic), offices and various medical and educational facilities. We also cooperate with other non-government actors, such as the Consortium of Migrants Assisting Organizations in the Czech Republic, the Organization for Aid to Refugees, IOM Prague, La Strada, The Salvation Army (see Partners section).

Legal and social counselling


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