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We do not have any conditions for accepting our volunteers regarding qualifications or extent of working hours. We decide based on the interrest for the issues, available time and the will to do something. If you are considering becoming a volunteer for AIM, please contact us via our email, so that we can settle on our mutual possibilities. Upon starting our cooperation you will sign a contract on volunteering activities according to legal guidelines and we will arrange some formalities.

The fields of your possible engagement are as follows:

  • Additional online tutoring for migrant children (additional schooling of Czech language and other subjets for elementary and middle school students with a different first language using online platforms)
  • Assistance with the running of the organization (administration, information search, car service, help with the maintenance of technical equipment, etc..)
  • Other assistance to individual clients (E.g. assistance with job or accommodation search, accompanying the clients to legal offices or doctors, leisure activities, etc.)
  • Monitoring of the state of human rights- determining the level of protection of human rights in the countries of origin of our clients. Search for relevant information.
  • Interpreting to clients, translating materials of different forms (flyers, internal documents, promotional materials, web reports, entries from project activities etc…) We are regularly  looking for volunteers with the knowledge of Russian, English, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Arabic, etc…
  • PR activities – help with preparing promotional occasions: (concerts, multicultural evenings, presentations at summer festivals, etc.) for which we would like to find some nice co-organizers.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us on the email address zemanek@migrace.com

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you, the Association for Integration and Migration.



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