Labour offices and NGOs Project


The project was focused on eliminating problems connected with the social integration of foreigners from third countries who are residing on the territory of the Czech Republic and are or will be active on the labour market here. When integrating, migrants from third countries must overcome specific barriers. They do not know the language and are from a different sociocultural environment, so they will face difficulties in communicating with state authorities. Foreigners are thus unable to take full advantage of the services of various institutions, and as a result are dependent on diverse intermediaries who exploit foreigners.

In an effort to prevent this, SIMI is attempting to offer a possible solution by strengthening the role of non-profit organisations in cooperation with labour offices. The involvement NGOs can significantly ease the process of social integration for migrants. Our activities contribute to creating a properly adjusted system of legal employment for foreigners. Individual work with foreigners and professional legal services help eliminate a range of difficulties in integrating into society. Qualified counselling serves to prevent possible manifestations of discrimination against foreigners and their social exclusion. Theoretical outputs in the form of comparative publications and examples of good practice are thus used by all of the project’s target groups, be they other NGOs or labour offices. Seminars and roundtables based on the experience of international cooperation bring new insight to the Czech environment from abroad. Last but not least, the project makes use of an information campaign to focus on female foreigners working in households as nannies, maids or helpers. We want to strengthen their rights, provide them with information and help them legalise their work.

For inspiration and good practices, we look to our partners in Austria and Portugal.

Read more about the project’s individual activities in the About the Project section.