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Do you know who cleans your place?

Do you have a cleaning lady, nanny or caregiver at home who is a foreigner? Are you interested in what her life is like here? Do you have a work contract with her, do you pay her remuneration based on an invoice, or does she work for you under-the-table?

More and more Czech households are employing foreigners as nannies, caregivers or cleaning ladies. Many migrants work or have worked in households during their stay. Some go to work in a family on a regular basis, while others even live with a family. All of these women are in a very vulnerable position. They are dependent on the family for which they work. They enter the private life of their employer, and often face a cultural or language barrier. Mostly they work under-the-table without a contract, so they can never be sure they will get paid. Only with great difficulty can they collect a wage due. They often pay large sums to arrange an extension of their stay because due to under-the-table work they cannot prove sufficient income to extend their stay by themselves.

What can you do?

  • Become interested in how your domestic worker lives.
  • Ask whether she needs a work contract or remuneration based on an invoice.
  • Tell her about SIMI – a place where she can go for advice.