Do you know who cleans your place?

Watch our campaign video:

More information aboput domestic work and useful iunformation foe female migrants and their employers you can find on our website

Female foreigners employed in Czech households in various capacities form a specific group within labour migration in the Czech Republic. This is a quite special – and in its character new – segment of the labour market, and is a phenomenon of recent years. In the better cases, the most common problems faced by women working in this area are low wages without payment of employer deductions, unpaid overtime, unpleasant treatment, and pressure to perform illegal work. In the worse cases, domestic workers face physical violence, sexual harassment or brutalisation, which they tolerate out of fear of unemployment. Society does not consider such treatment of female foreigners to be damaging. To the contrary, it has become a sort of standard of middle- and upper-class Czech households to employ such foreigners. It is therefore necessary to address this issue and to react systematically to serious violations of the rights of foreigners thus employed.

Therefore, we focused in the campaign on providing information about this issue to these foreigners as well as the wide public.

As part of the campaign, we have prepared the following:

Video spot for the public about domestic workers – as part of the campaign, we shot a video spot in cooperation with director Jan Látal and produced by DW Agentura drawing attention to unsuitable treatment of domestic workers in Czech households. Think about it: Do you know who cleans your place?

Informational brochures for foreigners – brochures are presently being distributed which describe the rights and obligations of foreigners regarding work in households. The brochures also contain contact information of our organisation, where foreigners can turn for help in resolving such problems or to get information on how to avoid them. The brochures will be distributed at labour offices and other relevant institutions, at places frequented by foreigners, at organisations working with migrants and at civic counselling centres, and are also available at the SIMI office. The brochures can be downloaded here in various language versions. We are grateful for your assistance in their distribution.


Graphic video spot for foreigners – together with the brochures, we have also prepared graphic video spots which present the information contained in the brochure in greater detail, and communicate to foreigners in an understandable manner their rights and obligations when employed as domestic workers. The graphic video spots are intended for screening in public spaces, in waiting rooms at labour offices and on television, and are distributed online. The video spots are available in Czech, English and Russian in our office. We will be grateful for your assistance in their distribution and screening in places frequented by foreigners.

The campaign is supported by the Czech Television and will be screened on the channels ČT1, ČT2 and ČT24 during the month of September and October. We are thankful for this support.