• an EU citizen is a person who has the citizenship of one of the 28 states of the EU.
  • a family member of an EU citizen is:

a)  a spouse

b)  a foreigner who is in a permanent relationship similar to a family relationship with an EU citizen and who lives with the EU citizen in a common household

c)  a foreigner who has lived in a common household with an EU citizen in the foreigner’s own home country or a country where the foreigner had a long-term or a permanent resident’s permit.

d)  a parent of an EU citizen, who is younger than 21 years, and whom the parent nourishes and lives with in a common household.

e)  a child under the age of 21 years or a child of this age of an EU citizen’s spouse.

f)  a dependent direct relative in the ascending or the descending line, or such relative of an EU citizen’s spouse. The dependent person is a foreigner, who is nurtured by an EU citizen or an EU citizen’s spouse, and who is either a student under the age of 26 or a person unable to study or work as a result of an injury or a chronic disease.

g)  a foreigner who is nurtured by a EU citizen.

h)  a foreigner who is not able, due to a long-lasting poor health condition, to take care of themselves without an EU citizen’s personal care.