Useful information for foreigners

Useful information for foreigners

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Useful information for foreigners

This section includes useful information for foreigners.

ATTENTION: As of August 2, 2021, changes have been made to the Act on Residence of Foreigners, the Asylum Act, the Employment Act, the Act on Administrative Fees, the Act on Public Health Insurance. You can find more information HERE.

Most important changes
  • Act on the residence of foreigners:

1)  There has been a significant change for family members of EU nationals. There is now a distinction between close and distant family members. Different conditions apply for each category in terms of visa applications, residence of the family member, subsequent possible residence during the application procedure, etc.

2)  Change of documents:

From the 2nd of August 2021, EU family members will be issued with documents containing biometric features. All documents without biometric data will expire on the 3rd of August 2023 and it is obligatory to replace them (free of charge) with new ones!

If distant family members who have been granted temporary residence under the legal regulations in effect before the 2nd of August 2021 apply for an exchange by the 31st of August 2022, they will keep their status as close family members.

EU nationals will be issued with a registration certificate (instead of a temporary residence certificate). As of the August 2, 2021, previously issued temporary residence certificates will now be considered as registration certificates and will remain valid until their expiry.

3) The category of UK nationals is separately adjusted, where there are different options for those who have been residing in the Czech Republic or can prove their residence up to 31 December 2020. It will be necessary to exchange documents by the 31st of August 2022.

4) A child born in the territory of the Czech Republic to a mother with a long-term residence permit is insured by VZP from the date of his/her birth until the end of the calendar month in which he/she has reached 60 days of age. The insurance premiums for the child are paid by the child's legal guardians (parents).
  • Public Health Insurance Law

Absolutely fundamental changes have occurred in the regulation of health insurance, so please pay attention to the text to which we refer.

  • The Administrative Fees Law

The processing of an application for a registration permit for EU citizens, an application for a temporary residence permit for a family member of an EU citizen, an application for an extension of a residence card or residence permit for a family member of an EU citizen, an application for a permanent residence permit for an EU citizen and their family member is now subject to an administrative fee of CZK 200. The fee of 200,- is also to be paid when applying for a change in the residence document of an EU citizen or their family member.

Amendments to the Act on the Residence

of Aliens effective from 31 July 2019

  • Changes to employee cards
  • Applying for employee cards and long-term residence at embassies abroad
  • Special long-term work-visa
  • Changes to the visa for the purpose of study or scientific research
  • and others
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Rights and responsibilities of foreigners differ according to their type of residence and can be categorized as:

1.  Non-EU nationals

2.  EU nationals and their family members

3.  Applicants for international protection

You can find information about legislation, employment, entrepreneurship, health care insurance, housing and social security system in every section.

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