Support for asylum seekers and refugees in Czechia (UNHCR)


In 2024, SIMI continues its successful partnership with UNHCR and implements the annual project "Support for asylum seekers and refugees in Czechia." This project focuses on providing direct support and informational services to refugees from Ukraine and asylum-seekers.

Within the project, we conduct monitoring and provide legal assistance to clients at the Reception Center in Prague Ruzyně. We offer legal, social, and intercultural support to refugees (including those from Ukraine). We also dedicate attention to Ukrainian refugees through online outreach. Our findings are processed into informational outputs where we strive to flexibly address the needs of the target group.


In 2023, SIMI with UNHCR managed a bilateral partnership project that focused on following three topics:

  1. Access to protection. Motioring of tranzit and detention on Václav Havel International Airport. Providing asylum-seekers with legal assistance.
  2. Integration and Inclusion. Providing complex counseling and information services for refugees from Ukraine.
  3. GBV Programme. Counseling servies and assistance for gender based violence (GBV) survivors (refugees from Ukraine).

Project agreement symbol is CZE01/2023/0000000057/000.